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A comprehensive list of organisations and projects helped by a John Horniman’s Children’s Trust grant, in 2023…

The AT Society

Ataxia Telangiectasia Society: Trustees recognised how important this charity is for the families experiencing this condition.

Autism Bedfordshire

Trustees enjoyed the acronym LOAF loads of autistic fun for children aged up to 12 years and their families, providing them with term time social and supporting activities in which siblings can join in the fun too.  The parents room will also be appreciated.

Batten Disease Family Association

Trustees are pleased to offer a grant for the Trusts to continue to provide your family support service.


Bendrigg Trust

Trustees are pleased to be able to support the work of Bendrigg Trust again this year, albeit with a reduced award. Its wonderful work in providing adventurous experiences to children with special needs from urban areas is much appreciated.

Benedetti Foundation

Trustees valued this excellent application which was most informative with a well thought out project describing a UK offering concerts for children with additional needs and disabilities. The extra benefits are the training to be offered to music services thus providing a lasting legacy.

Bolton Lads & Girls Club

Trustees are pleased to award a further £2,500 towards the cost of the valuable work you do in delivering the Youth Inclusion Project.


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Trustees enjoyed this application for a concert to be given to an audience with 120 children with disabilities including disabled musicians in a 14 piece ensemble from your orchestra. This will provide excellent role modelling and encourage musicianship.

Brainwave Centre

Trustees are pleased to be able to make a grant (albeit smaller) for its work with brain injured children in the W. Midlands.  We request that our grant is put towards your therapist’s costs rather than as a bursary to individual families.

Brighter Opportunities for Special People

Trustees are pleased to support the work of this small charity and congratulate it on the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service that acknowledges its work in enabling children with life limiting conditions to have fun.


Trustees are pleased to support the salary of a part-time outreach play specialist working with children with cancer in Yorkshire.

Cerebral Palsy Cymru

Trustees are pleased to be able to award a grant, albeit reduced, for continuing vital work with children and families in Wales.

Chailey Heritage Foundation

Trustees are pleased to support the specialist hippotherapy (therapeutic riding) service.  We have had to limit our awards this year but hope that our grant will help towards enabling the charity to continue with this life enhancing experience, for children with complex needs.

Chickenshed Theatre

Trustees of JHCT are very proud to have a connection with such an innovative charity as Chicken Shed which demonstrates Inclusion in their whole philosophy and practice. Sadly the number of charities applying to us has increased dramatically and our generated income from investments has not risen as anticipated. We do want to maintain our support of Chicken Shed’s work and can offer a grant albeit much less than usual at the start of your new 3 year cycle. We offer to pay for Lead Mentor sessions for Children’s Theatre.


Child Brain Injury Trust

Trustees are pleased to support the work in the West Midlands in continuing to visit children in hospital, support them emotionally, ease their transition back home and support their educational progress as they recover from Acquired Brain Injury.

Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

Trustees confirm the impact and splendour of what is provided.  During difficult Covid years the charity has managed to deliver impressive services and opportunities. This year we have reduced our awards but know that this grant will be put to good use.

Children’s Hospice South West

Trustees are pleased to support the expansion of the community-based services with their particular focus on end of life care at home.


City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Trustees are pleased to be able to offer a grant for your work in providing 8 musical sessions in 3 schools where the children have profound and multiple learning difficulties. We enjoyed this imaginative application especially because you tailor the music to the projects in the schools.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Trustees are pleased to award a grant for the work of its Youth programme which helps people with CF to connect online through fun interactive (skill based) workshops and social nights, so vital for young people who cannot meet in person.


Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity

Trustees thank you for your application to support children with cerebral palsy and other motor learning impairments. We would like to give you a grant towards your Learning Together Project of conductive education sessions to help children improve their physical and communication skills, as well as their social and emotional well-being.

Douglas MacMillan Charitable Trust

Trustees are pleased to be able to support the Douglas Macmillan Children’s Hospice in providing Dramatherapy sessions to help children express their emotions and cope with the effects of a life-limiting condition through drama therapy.

ERIC (The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity)

Trustees commend the work that is being done through your Family Support Service. We have had to reduce our grant funding this year but hope that our award will help towards the work being done with children with bowel/bladder disabilities.

Footsteps Foundation

Trustees are pleased to offer a grant for the valuable work with children with Cerebral Palsy at the charity’s centre in Oxford where the charity has the innovative spider therapy.


Go Live Theatre Projects

Trustees have come to expect from Go Live Theatre, projects that are innovative and so well researched and planned. We were excited about this one at The Globe theatre enabling young students with a visual or audio impairment to be able to access live theatre performances.

Guild Care

Trustees thank you for your application to support children with disabilities and complex needs, also their siblings. We would like to give you a grant to fund your activities and trips out to give them a wider range of experiences to enrich their lives and increase their well-being.


Trustees appreciated this application with opportunities for play facility equipment to be taken to schools as ‘pop ups’ in the holidays. We were impressed with the high number of volunteers who support this opportunity, which enables children with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities to enjoy exercise and friendship and improved physical and mental health well being and their families to be taken out of isolation.

Hallé Concerts Society

Trustees are delighted to continue to support Halle’s outreach work to children who might not otherwise have access to high quality musical experiences.

Happy Days Children’s Charity

The loving care from the parents and the excellent website were all noted by Trustees who are happy to support this application for 12 children with Autistic Spectrum disorder and social and emotional and mental health issues to attend the residential Robinwood Activity Centre from Jan 24 to Jan 26 2024

Haringey Shed

Trustees are pleased to offer a grant to continue to help provide transport for children with disabilities and no other form of transport to a number of their activities. When we received the first application for this grant last year we were delighted to receive the letter of support from Catherine West, the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green.

Hearts & Minds

Trustees are pleased to support the ClownDoctors programme to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee Children’s wards in hospitals. We had doubts about the ‘clown’ element of your title knowing that some children can be frightened by clowns. We have, in the past, supported GiggleDoctors, which appealed to us more. However, we can accept “Clowning S’Cool”! 

Helen & Douglas House

Trustees were pleased to know that a physiotherapist has been appointed to provide appropriate treatment as part of the aim to enable children with life shortening conditions to live life to the full.




Leeds Children’s Hospital Charity

Trustees wish to support the next edition of the British Transplant Games in Coventry in July when the Leeds Hospitals Charity will be supporting a team, of children who have received transplants, to participate in the Games.


Little Angel Theatre

Trustees are pleased to continue support for the digital puppet show presentations for children with disabilities in 15 care locations.

Marches Family Network

Trustees are happy to award a grant of  £2000 for your range of activities inducing music and dance with a sensory and physical element for children in Herefordshire with a range of disabilities.

Movement Centre

Trustees commend the charity’s achievement of 85% success through Targeted Training Therapy, and its bold intention to provide fully funded treatment to families.


Museum of London

Trustees are pleased to be involved in supporting the exciting new stage in the history of The Museum of London. We recognise the evaluation that has resulted in a change from Morning Explorers to Quiet Afternoons and the need for funding for staffing, training, resources and promotion.


New Vic Theatre

Trustees are pleased to support the new venture which takes ‘Tale Trail’ out from the theatre to pre-school children with disabilities in Staffordshire.

OKMT (Otakar Kraus Music Trust)

Trustees applaud the work done in offering Music Therapy to children in need of it. However, this year our grant award means that only one or two of your therapees can be helped as our limited funds dictate.


Outside In Pathways

Trustees were interested to read of the work with children with autism and the Windrush artwork with which their creative talents are engaged. We expect the grant to be used to purchase materials for the project

Peter Pan Centre

Trustees commend the charity on survival through two very difficult Covid years and appreciate the stress that this has placed on the families served. The charity’s OFSTED rating is indeed outstanding, and “Your Heroes – Inspiration in Education” award is yet another acknowledgement of the charity’s achievements. This year our awards have to be smaller but we hope our grant will be an encouragement.

Rainbow Trust

Trustees are pleased to be able to continue to support the Rainbow Trust’s valuable work by contributing towards the costs of employing a Family Support Worker. We have had to limit our funding this year but know that the grant will be put to good use

Reuben’s Retreat

Trustees are pleased to support the work of a Music Therapist as part of the charity’s interactive therapy programme Rhythm at Reuben’s.


Richard House Children’s Charity

Trustees would like to support the invaluable work of Richard House Children’s Hospice in providing a Hospice-at-Home service which provides care to life-limited children and their families, in the comfort of their own homes.


Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

Trustees are pleased to support work in transforming the lives of seriously ill children living with epilepsy in Warwickshire by the provision of a Roald Dahl Specialist Nurse’s costs for just over a week.


Sebastian’s Action Trust

We are pleased to continue to support Sebastian’s Action Trust in providing therapeutic on-line music sessions to seriously ill children.



Trustees are pleased to award £3,000 to help with sessions with Multi-Sensory Impaired children from across the Midlands.

Sick Children’s Trust

Trustees were impressed that you are able to help 496 families in a single year when their children are staying in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, by offering bedrooms for as short as 12 nights or as long as 172 nights.

Speech & Language UK

Trustees thank the charity for its clear explanation of what the planned refurbishment of the communal dining room at Dawn House, will achieve. It is not only a necessary update of the physical space but expands the service and provision that can be offered to children, young people and families. We have to limit our awards this year, but know that our grant will help towards the charity’s target.

Theodora Children’s Charity

Trustees are pleased to award £3,000 towards the costs of the Giggle Doctor programme in Sheffield Children’s Hospital. We know how much the children enjoy the visits and how valuable humour is in promoting well being.

Tiny Tim’s Children Centre

Trustees applaud the survival of the charity and its achievements during these troubled Covid years. Although we have to limit our grant funding this year, we trust that our award will help towards its- recovery and intentions for 2023.


Together Trust

Trustees found this to be a most interesting application. We hold a conference every two years for our charities and the first one entitled ‘Harnessing Technology’ was all about Eye Gaze technology hence we recognise the value of it to those children and families where communication skills are limited. We are also impressed with the scope of the activities you offer.

Transforming Autism

For the ‘First Steps’ programme trustees award a modest grant this year.


Welsh National Opera

Trustees appreciated this Quaker led project which enables children with profound and multiple learning difficulties to be immersed in an Opera Tutti concert with multi sensory props and costume. The evaluation and training given were excellent.


We have seen the strategic priorities of Whizz-Kidz – to ensure that wheelchair users are ‘mobile, enabled and included’ and are pleased to continue to support the valuable work in ensuring that these priorities are fulfilled with young wheelchair users.



We are pleased to continue supporting the holiday clubs for 5-12 year olds suffering from cerebral palsy. These are vital to help the children keep up their skills and to give parents respite. There will be 2 hour group sessions for 3-4 children, 1 to 1 sessions, and some trial sessions for the 12+ year olds.

The Wingate Centre

Trustees enjoyed reading this application to contribute towards a 4 night specialist disability holiday for 20 children. The provision at Wingate looks most appropriate and engaging for the children benefiting from this valuable time away from home.

Winston’s Wish

Trustees thank you for your application to support bereaved primary school children through the trauma of losing a close relative through suicide. We would like to give you a grant to fund your Growing Hope Project, where schools have monthly sessions growing vegetables and flowers, which give them a sense of purpose, and much more.

Woodland Centre Trust

(Camp Mohawk, Wargrave, Berks)

We value the range of equipment and opportunities you provide at Camp Mohawk for 559 families and 35 special needs schools whose pupils have a range of cognitive and physical difficulties. We are impressed with the number of volunteers giving support with the range of indoor and outside faculties.

Yellow Submarine Holidays

Trustees are pleased to continue supporting the work of the charity in providing residential holidays for children with learning disabilities at Hill End or Ufton Court.


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